90 Day Challenge






Here's Just A Few Things You'll Learn…

1 How To Stay Motivated – So You Can Finally Get The Results You Deserve

You already know exactly what you need to do to lose weight and regain your health. So why is it so difficult to do the things you know you need to do? I'll teach you tactics from the most successful people in the world so that you can stay motivated and reach your goals faster.

2 How To Build New Health Habits That Stick – Get Out Of Your Own Way So You Can Lose Weight And Keep It Off

Why are good habits so difficult to maintain? You'll learn why by studying the habit loop and learning how to replace old habits with new habits successfully. We won't depend on willpower; instead, we'll hack our minds to set ourselves up for long-term success.

3 How To Shift Your Mindset – You'll Learn To Stop Letting The Number On The Scale Define Your Worth

The #1 thing that causes people to fail on the keto diet is their mindset. We get stuck in a cycle of FOMO (fear of missing out), and sticking to our keto diet feels like a constant battle. Throughout the challenge, I'll train you to think differently so you can create a life you love to live in.

4 How To Set Goals That Actually Work – And Why Traditional Goal Setting Often Fails Us

Millions of people set health goals each year only to become sidetracked when life gets too busy. We'll tackle precisely how to set goals that will go to work for you. After you've set your goal, it will become a compass instead of a single-minded focus. You'll learn to stop letting the number on the scale define you as you shift your mindset.

5 How To Handle Any Obstacle – And Make Failure Your Best Friend

You'll learn my AVID framework and be able to apply it to any challenge you want to take on. This framework will help you navigate the planned challenges you want to take on and the obstacles life throws at you.

6 How To Advocate For Your Health In The Doctors Office – So You'll Never Feel Lost And Hopeless Again

Learn my top tips for working together with your medical team. No more sitting across from your doctor knowing you should be asking questions but feeling lost and intimidated. These tips will help you communicate with your doctor and become a strong advocate for yourself and your loved ones.

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