Cooking Demo Livestream

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Welcome to the members only livestream of our Cooking Demo at the Des Moines Health & Fitness Expo.

At 10am Central we'll be making these recipes:

We'll also cover information on the keto flours we use and why we need xanthan gum in both recipes.

Yesterday, we tried to watch chat, but it was too much for our single assistant to handle. We'll try again today 🙂 In chat, you'll be chatting with our oldest (19) Felicity. She's also running the camera, answering questions and handing out the handouts.

The handouts talk about things you already have access to or know about.

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    DO NOT COMMENT HERE 🙂 Use the chat feature above.
    If you don’t have a Vimeo account simply click “Chat as a guest” or you can login with Facebook if you wish!

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