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Whole Keto Course


Welcome to the Whole Keto Course!




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Welcome! I am so glad you're here!!
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Here's where you can find me online:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/tarasketokitchen

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/TaraKetoKitchen

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Website: https://www.WholeBodyLiving.com



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Movement For Health

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  • Sue Hancock says:

    I love the alarm idea to help reset intention each day!

  • Sue Hancock says:

    Movement for Health: I have done a few of Jessica’s workouts before and like that they can be low-impact while also getting your heart rate up and using different parts of the body. I also like to do Leslie Sansone Walk at Home series (based on the same concepts as Jessica’s. Although I am NOT coordinated at all, I LOVE Jazzercise. It’s cardio and strength all rolled into one workout plan. There isn’t a location near me, but I subscribed to Jazzercise on Demand and can do it a time convenient for me.

    My husband and I recently finished P90X and have restarted the strength portion of it. I am also working with my future DIL to do 21 Day Fix Real Time “together”. I live in Singapore and she lives in TN, so we don’t do it together, just complain about the exercises after we’ve both completed them. HAHA! It is a challenge for me because I typically avoid Pilates and Yoga – – I realize I NEED them (because the reason I avoid them is the main thing that they were designed to do – stretch my body and make me more flexible. SO…I am working on it. I completed Day 4 today. At the end of this 21 Day Fix session, I will be heading back to the US for a visit (and might not be allowed back into Singapore until the world gets a grip on COVID)…so, I will be looking for something else to challenge myself.

    Obstacles: On occasion (if I work out too hard or do too much high impact), I have ankle issues and need a rest. My obstacle is that I HATE to sit still and find myself trying to push through…I TRY to limit myself to stretch and basic walking on those days. Recently, I’ve started getting in the pool and just walking (forward, backward, sideways) to work different muscle groups and that has seemed to help. BONUS: I hate to admit it, but my APPLE watch motivates me. I LOVE to see those three rings closed each day!!

    • Sue Hancock says:

      Is there a private FB group that I am missing or are these items supposed to be posted in the FREE FB group? I think I tried to join a private one, but there were only a few members and can’t remember if my request to join has been approved or not.

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