Exclusive Training Videos


Below you'll find the schedule for upcoming member only videos plus replays of past member videos.

Upcoming Livestreams

Upcoming Livestreams

Here's our upcoming livestream schedule.

  • Sunday 4pm Central (YouTube)
  • Thursday 7pm Central (Zoom - Members Only)

During each public livestream you have an opportunity to get your questions answered by emailing support@wholebodyliving.com at least one hour in advance. This is a members only benefit you should take advantage of often.

  • When you email us, use the description "Member Question" and provide as much detail as possible.
  • When we read your question during the livestream we won't use your name and we'll summarize the question. However, we'll use all the details you provide to answer the question specifically for you.

Member Only Group Calls

Note that we no longer record these group calls so that members feel more comfortable showing up on video and chatting.

Recording got in the way of members making true connections. So, show up live to these whenever possible.

Member Coaching Calls Occur on Thursday Evenings at 7pm Central

Watch your email for the private link.


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