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7/16/2020 Podcast Launched!

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Hello all!

I wanted to check in and give you an update on the Sustainable Keto Podcast launch.

We got behind on scheduling due to some cancelled interviews & just normal run of the mill life events. We also had some problems with audio early on. It was quite the learning curve. On one interview, there's NO audio on our side of the conversation. VERY EMBARRASSING!!

We thought it would be a lot simpler to launch the podcast you all have been asking us for.

So what are we up to??

We are currently working on re-writing, improving and re-launching the 7 Day Challenge to begin again on January 6th. We may be launching the podcast at this time if we're ready to go.... but no promises 🙂

You will start to see uncut episodes pop up here in the members only area though. WAY before we launch the podcast.

Anyone wanna be my assistant?? 😉

Talk to you soon!

-Health Coach Tara (& Jeremy)


We have started recording episodes for the podcast to launch on Dec 1, 2019!

We're working through a few technical challenges as we learn how to get the best audio quality. We didn't think this would take quite as long as it has, but we are learning things that will make our audio on video better as well! A Win-Win for all 🙂

Jeremy recorded our very first podcast with Naturopath Kimballe Robyzen and they discussed electrolytes, enzymes and gut health on a keto diet. Tara had lost her voice completely on the recording date, but Jeremy had a lot of fun chatting with Kimballe.

We have recording planned for this weekend around a variety of keto topics and are very excited to test some new equipment.

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