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Coronavirus Is Fragile


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How To Use Heat To Kill The Coronavirus
And Prevent Colds

What We're Doing At Home To Prevent Coronavirus (COVID-19)

  1. Twice per day steam breathing for 5 minutes each time.
    • This is the device we're using. (Click here)
    • Procedure:
      • Turn on device and wait for it to warm up and start producing steam.
      • Breath steam in through the nose (careful not to get too close and burn your face)
      • Turn head and hold breath for 1-2 seconds
      • Exhale out through mouth
      • Turn head back and breathe steam in through the nose
      • Repeat for 5 minutes
  2. UV light is in our basement heating/cooling unit to sanitize air
  3. Wiping down all surfaces twice per day with Thieves Household Cleaner at 3x normal cleaning concentration.
    • light switches
    • doorknobs (inside and outside)
    • drawer/cabinet pulls
    • refrigerator + freezer doors, especially handles
    • counters
    • sink area, faucets
    • anywhere else people touch reguarly
  4. Thieves hand sanitizer is spread throughout the house to remind people to use it and wash their hands. Thieves hand soap is at all sink areas.
  5. Handtowels are changed 3 times per day depending upon how often used and re-washed.
  6. Colloidal silver nasal spray is being used by Tara as she tends to be more susceptible to respiratory issues having mild asthma already.
  7. We've ordered a special supplement from our Naturopath (see 3/19 members replay for info)
  8. Daily supplements
    • Probiotic from Thryve

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