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Welcome to the 7 Day Keto Challenge!

Here's What To Do Next:
  1. Save your login information somewhere safe.
  2. Add my email address "tara@wholebodyliving.com" to your contacts and confirm you are receiving my emails in your primary inbox so you don't miss anything.
  3. Go through the check boxes below this text and you'll be on your way to learning the secrets to rapid weight loss with the keto diet 🙂


Course Overview

You are in the right place. This challenge is for you if you're just getting started on keto or if you've been doing keto a long time.

Here's what you get each day:

  • Video training from Health Coach Tara (topics below)
  • Daily Summary (for those too busy to watch the video)
  • Daily Worksheet and/or Special Download
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Some days have extra downloads such as:
    • Keto Meal Plans
    • Keto Food List
    • Keto No-No List
    • Keto Convenience Foods
    • Keto Dining Out Guide
    • Keto Sugar Substitute Guide
    • Genius Keto Carb Swaps

Topics for each day:

Day 1: How To Start The Keto Diet + The Secret Power That Makes Keto Different From Any Other Diet! Including Macro Calculations, Testing For Ketosis & How the Keto Diet Works

Day 2: Meal Planning, Meal Plans & Keto Recipes

Day 3: Keto Convenience Foods & How To Keep On Plan When Your Day Gets Out Of Control

Day 4: Traveling on Keto including How To Order At Restaurants, The Emergency Food Plan & More

Day 5: Substitutes for Sugar & Overcoming Cravings For Sweets

Day 6: Signs of Ketosis & How To Test For Ketosis + Genius Carb Swap Download

Day 7: How To Stick To Keto by Overcoming Cravings & Getting Rid Of Feelings Of Deprivation



Recommended Bonus Content

Page Objectives


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  • Barb Kalous says:

    I am here to make a difference in my life. I love my grandkiddos and want to have a long healthy life where I can enjoy them, myself and my family.

  • Cynthia Neill says:

    I am here to get a good understand of how to apply the keto diet as there is so much information that it is overwhelming and I hope this helps.

    • Tara Wright says:

      Cynthia– I look forward to your feedback! I’ve done my best to make keto simple to implement 🙂

  • Cynthia Neill says:

    HI Tara – I am starting my Keto Journey on Monday (tomorrow) I have some concerns with keeping up with chronometer – do you have any additional guides that you have on here that I am missing to assist with working through that. thank you

  • Liat Shanan says:

    Hi! It’s time for me to take care of myself, eat better and loose weight. I’m looking forward to get guidance and support as I travel through my keto journey!

  • Jennifer Schaefer says:

    I’m scared to death to commit to this – but know it is time to really take care of myself.

    • jasmine Matautia says:

      me too! but I think its time. so sick of feeling how I have been feeling about myself lately. we got this!

  • Noel Aranzamendez says:

    It’s time for a keto reset, me and wife are ready for this journey, looking forward to interacting with you and learning what is important in the keto world.

  • Brooke Carbon says:

    You had me at “feeling like a busted can of biscuits” ….Loose weight is top priority, second is a hope for relief from plantar fasciitis.

    • Tara Wright says:

      You can do this!! Have you tried rolling out your feet with a tennis ball to help with the plantar fasciitis? I find it very very helpful.

  • jasmine Matautia says:

    hey guys! I am so ready for this life changing journey. I just need extra guidance never done this before and I feel so lost and want to get this down! is their any group chats available .. if I have any questions. I really want to learn more about avoiding the keto flu.. I am going to the grocery store first thing in the morning so I can start tomorrow. wish me luck!

  • Laurie Bonham says:

    I’ve been doing KETO for over a month now. Although I feel great, I’ve only lost 5 pounds and I really think I’m still eating too much protein. I’m using Cronometer Gold and tracking everything. So I’m here to really dive into the macros.

  • Jodi Martinez says:

    hi I started keto June 4th weighed and measured myself and July 4th I weighed and measured myself again I was doing awesome super strict I lost 20 pounds. My bday came July 30th and I cheated bad….. then I couldn’t get myself to get back on track thank god I didn’t gain any of my weight back but I’m ready to get back on track and do this again! I started again yesterday and I’m ready to try this again I got your planner and I just signed up for the 7 day challenge. I know I can do this again I just gotta stay positive.

  • Eric Brearton Brearton says:

    Hi and Thanks Tara and Jeremy!
    I believe in this and the science behind it all—
    I am well into preparing for this new challenging chapter!
    I’m still a couple weeks away from full blown participation, mainly because I am scouring through all the info you have here, and it is going to take a little time to gather most of the most important foods/supplements I will need to dive in.
    Also I need to toy around with the Cronometer some to be able to utilize it quickly and effectively.
    It is amazing the boxes and boxes of sugar contained “stuff” I will be dropping off to my daughter @ CSU this weekend! She and her friends bodies will be able to utilize it better than I.
    In order to prepare, I’d like to buy foods in bulk to have things readily available, but I don’t want to have things go bad or to waste.
    I do have a question as to whether there is a list or spreadsheet that has the suggested approximate shelf life of various items and how to store them most effectively. Things like flours, oils, seeds, nuts, nut butters, cheese, xanthum/guar gum, ghee, bocha sweet, psyllium etc. Should all of these be stored in the fridge or freezer for extended life or does storing something in the fridge or freezer deplete the potency of them.
    Thanks again for your time and effort!
    Eric Brearton

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