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Day 5

We covered a lot of information this week! Today, we build on what we learned yesterday. But first...I want to congratulate you for being here. You reading this worksheet is more than most people will do for their health today. Keep showing up and pressing play. Connect with other challenge members. Ask questions. Support others. You got this!


  • Overcoming Cravings For Sweets 
  • Strategies for “The Sugar Season”
  • How To Handle Holiday Gatherings And The Fear Of Missing Out
  • How To Choose Sugar Substitutes
  • Download: Sugar Substitute Guide (& Sweet Treats!)

Remember.... All you need to do is show up for yourself each day and push play. The only way to fail...is to quit. And I know you won't quit on yourself 🙂 You got this!

“Change your thoughts and you change your world”. 

-Norman Vincent Peal

Resources & Links

Bocha Sweet

Made from the Kabocha Pumpkin, Bocha Sweet has whole body health benefits in addition to a very sugar-like taste. We love that it’s a clean tasting sugar alternative without an aftertaste.


Be careful of packets, many contain inulin or other sugars. Dextrose is often listed.



A rare sugar that isn’t metabolized by the body. Instead, our body excretes almost 95% of it without any impact on glucose or insulin.

Monk Fruit Sweetener 

such as the one by Lakanto which is often blended with Erythritol is also a great choice as a sugar substitute.You can also get the pure monk fruit extract which is 150 times sweeter than sugar from Lakanto. Be sure and use my coupon code KETOKITCHEN for a 20% discount.


Summary & Homework


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Frequently Asked Questions

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