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Day 6

We covered a lot of information this week! Today, we build on what we learned yesterday. But first...I want to congratulate you for being here. You reading this worksheet is more than most people will do for their health today. Keep showing up and pressing play. Connect with other challenge members. Ask questions. Support others. You got this!


  • Am I In Ketosis? 
  • 11 Signs You’re In Ketosis without Testing
  • How To Test For Ketosis
  • Download: Genius Carb Swaps

Remember.... All you need to do is show up for yourself each day and push play. The only way to fail...is to quit. And I know you won't quit on yourself 🙂 You got this!

To Succeed in any worthy goal... We must first fail.

-Tara Wright

Resources & Links

Topical Magnesium

Magnesium Tablets


Recommended Reading:

The Art and Science of Low Carb Performance

This is a great book for people who love to workout and for athletes.

The Ketogenic Bible

A hefty, well researched resource for anyone on the keto diet.

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Summary & Homework


Check out our All NEW 30 Day Keto Planner here.



Page Objectives

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Frequently Asked Questions

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